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  1. Chapter 1: Introduction
  2. Chapter 2: Kappa Coefficient: A Review
  3. Chapter 3: Agreement Coefficients for Ordinal & Interval Data
  4. Chapter 4: AC1 and alpha Coefficients
  5. Chapter 5: Agreement Coefficients and Statistical Inference
  6. Chapter 6: Benchmarking Inter-Rater Reliability Coefficients
  7. Chapter 7: Intraclass Correlation in One-Facrtor Studies
  8. Chapter 8: Intraclass Correlations under the Random Factorial Design
  9. Chapter 9: Intraclass Correlation under the Mixed Factorial Design
  10. Chapter 10: Inter-Rater Reliability: Conditional Analysis
  11. Chapter 11: Measures of Association and Item Analysis
inter-rater reliability
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HOW TO COMPUTE INTRACLASS CORRELATION USING EXCEL - A Practical Guide to Inter-Rater Reliability Assessment for Quantitative Data (a PDF eBook)

Download extracts of this highly practical ebook to appreciate how it will help you analyze your quantitative inter-rater reliability data intraclass correlation
  1. Contents and Introduction

  2. Part 3: Subject as Single Factor

  3. Part 4: Subject and Rater as Factor

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Inter-Rater Reliability Using SAS - A Practical Guide for Nominal, Ordinal, and Interval Data

Download extracts of this book to appreciate how it will help you analyze your inter-rater reliability data with the SAS System. inter-rater reliability with sas
  1. Free Download of Chapter 1, Preface, and Table of Contents

  2. Download SAS Macros, Enterprise Guide Project Files, and Test Datasets

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