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Welcome to Dr Gwet's online repository of Inter-Rater Reliability materials. On this website, you will be able to read free articles, download programs for computing inter-rater and intra-rater reliability coefficients, review book excerpts before deciding to purchase. Click on the book or document image to download the "Excerpt Webpage." Take time to surf around, and see what is available.
AgreeStat 360: A cloud app for inter-rater reliability analysis. Check it out.

AgreeStat (2015.6 Windows & Mac): Chance-Corrected Agreement & Intraclass Correlation Coefficients with Excel (Click on the image and download the trial version)
AgreeStat - Inter-rater reliability AgreeStat 2015.6 for Windows and for Mac are now available AgreeStat Mac - Inter-Rater Reliability
inter-rater reliability
Handbook of Inter-Rater Reliability (4th Edition) How to Compute Intraclass Correaltion with Excel Inter-Rater Reliability Using SAS
inter-rater reliability intraclass correlation inter-rater relaibility using sas
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  1. INTER-RATER RELIABILITY WITH SAS - A Practical Guide for Nominal, Ordinal, and Interval Data (Review excerpts by clicking this). The primary goal of this book is to show practitioners simple step-by-step approaches for organizing rating data, creating SAS datasets, and using appropriate SAS procedures, or special SAS macro programs to compute various inter-rater reliability coefficients.
  2. HOW TO COMPUTE INTRACLASS CORRELATION USING EXCEL - A Practical Guide to Inter-Rater Reliability Assessment for Quantitative Data. (Review excerpts by clicking this)
    I wrote this to offer researchers and students, practical guidelines for computing various Intraclass Correlation Coefficients (ICC) using Microsoft Excel. I wanted these guidelines to be clear and sufficiently detailed for anybody with access to MS Excel to be able to organize research data, choose the correct ICC statistic, and perform the calculations with confidence.
  3. HANDBOOK OF INTER-RATER RELIABILITY (4th Edition) - (Review excerpts by clicking this) -This handbook is for researchers, practitioners, instructors and students. It reviews the most widely-used inter-rater reliability coefficients, and proposes several alternatives. This authoritative work is the definitive guide to measuring the extent of agreement among raters for nominal, ordinal, and interval data.

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